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Bully's Bully, the

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama
Description*:Meet the Bully’s Bully. She wasn’t bestowed with super strength, flight, laser projectiles, a million-dollar utility belt or even karate lessons; instead, her special birthright is absolute empathy with bullying victims. Though this ability to experience the pain, agony and desperation of the people singled out for cruelty might reduce many grown masked superheros to tears, our girl, simply known as “The Bully’s Bully” or B.B. for short, transforms negative feelings into action. She selflessly aids those individuals—kids and adults alike—who have been targeted by bullies, teaching the aggressors about humanity and kindness as well.

The Bully’s Bully is an all-ages treat for readers, serving to inspire any person involved in bullying, including bullies themselves.
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