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04:44pm 07/19/2014
  i *Sandra & Woo L
An unfortunate decent.
Sadly, a promising comic failed to live up to it's promise. Still competently drawn, the comic is let down by poor writing. At this point, there should be a much greater amount of character development, but one of the title characters is still basically a blank slate, and the other barely goes beyond a shallow collection of base motives.

The recent plot line could basically be summed up as "LOL, Feminazis are stupid!" that seems like a throwback to 70s/80s mens club comics, and the website's comments facility now has a policy banning "destructive criticism of the general content of Sandra and Woo or the personality of the main characters". Alas it is well known that attempts to cast a circle of protection from critics merely results in summoning the brain eater.
11:03am 07/14/2014
Sketchy art, good but not always great storytelling.
The sketchy quality of the artwork is inconsistent with the many years that this strip has been regularly updated. The reader would expect that the artist would have refined his style by now. That aside, many of the stories in this soap opera, set in a fictional monarchy with strong hints of Canada, can be thought-provoking and entertaining. Sometimes, unfortunately, they can also feel dragged out.
01:23am 07/01/2014
The pinnacle of newspaper strips
Bill Watterson began Calvin and Hobbes with a mission: to counteract what he saw as the degeneracy of newspaper comic strips. Whereas most dailies at the time contented to remain in the safe harbour of banal triviality, Watterson dared to push his readers to think. Calvin and Hobbes dealt with everything, from the trials and tribulations of grade school and the dreaded Family Vacation, to the unsung battles of the homemaker, through to serious interrogations of art, philosophy, and the state of the newspaper industry itself; indeed, Watterson's elaborate Sunday pages were themselves a partial rebellion against conventional impositions on the format. But whereas overtly political strips such as Doonesbury and Non Sequitur approach these same topics with a jaded cynicism, Calvin's boundless imagination and incredible adventures are underwritten by an indefatigable optimism, and the strip concludes with the inseparable friends setting out on their toboggan to explore this "magical world".

Watterson ended the strip as quietly and unceremoniously as it began, yet the readership's reaction was anything but. Testifying to the legacy of Calvin and Hobbes is the plethora of slice-of-life webcomics that cite Watterson as an inspiration, if not -the- inspiration. Though we will probably never see further (official) adventures of the boy and his tiger, we can be assured that their creative spirit lives on.
09:43pm 06/30/2014
The feels
This comic definitely has the feels going. BCB is exactly as the title suggests, a bittersweet comic with an overall "sweet" tone. The story is interesting and the characters truly grow as the comic goes on. The art initially was pretty bad, but quickly improves and recently is outstanding. BCB brightens up my day three times a week and I would recommend to anyone seeking a wonderfully bittersweet story.
09:40pm 06/30/2014
  i *Sandra & Woo L
Intersting characters in a fun comic
Sandra & Woo is a perfect example of a good comic. I can't really think of any downsides to the comic, but nothing stands out as exceptional. The art is pleasant and regular, updates twice a week, and the writing is well thought-out. Sandra and Woo will not change your life, but it is a very fun read and an upbeat addition to my Monday and Thursday
09:35pm 06/30/2014
  i *TwoKinds ALV
Respectable but I don't understand the hype...
Twokinds on numerous boards and rankings appeared as #1 most read comic. I decided to investigate and was really disappointed with the early comics. The art style looked rushed and the story felt forced. Even when the author introduced a secondary cast of characters they felt rushed and forgotten. However, this comic does excel in the relationships between characters of the main cast. When everything supernatural (and poorly thought out) is disregarded, Twokinds is a sweet tale of strangers becoming close friends or lovers. Failing as an adventure, Twokinds excels in shipping, and recent art quality, thus earning three stars.
09:28pm 06/30/2014
  i *Better Days ALV
Fantastic drama and comedy with great art
I started reading Original Life, but went back to read Better Days and WOW! I was really pleased with the art style and the courage to address sensitive subjects. I read about the supposed "political rhetoric" in the comic. And I saw it as parody in CH 4. Elsewhere in the comic political views (on my reading) did not stand out. I loved the shifting tone of the comic and the slices of life for each character. Everything just kept getting better through the end of the comic. Best read as a drama with interludes of comedy, I would strongly recommend Better Days.
07:13pm 06/24/2014
Great Premise
Has a great premise and a lot of potential.
02:30pm 03/24/2014
  i Broodhollow
Great Story
I love a good mystery and this one has me hooked. It's very suspenseful and quirky. I can't wait to see how it ends and wish it was already finished, so I could just read it all now.
02:28pm 03/24/2014
  i City Folk
Awesome Characters
I love the art style of this comic. The characters are very cute and funny.
02:27pm 03/24/2014
  i Addanac City
Always Funny
This is a clever and funny comic that always gets a laugh out of me.
12:03pm 02/25/2014
Compelling, story-centric and fresh
I hate D&D sessions and comics that bite off more than they can realistically chew. This strip does the exact opposite.

The comic is about a group of gamers playing campaigns of D&D. It's NOT about the game of D&D that they are playing. It sticks to the emotions and troubles of the players, NOT the characters. I gamed for just a year, and recognize many of these emotions, and they feel real. Probably you don't need to game to enjoy this, because the game is only the setting that these players struggle in.

And it isn't the only arena in which they struggle.

Real life, as presented by this comic, is similarly realistic and compelling. The characters manage to balance their interesting dichotomies and idiosyncrasies in a way that begs you to keep reading.

Scott Kurtz is a veteran artist and storyteller. He thrives in this setting. Give it a try!

I have a "all the good comics get 4 stars" rule, that is only superseded when a comic is truly great. It is a young comic, but it already has the hallmarks of a great strip, and there is nothing negative to pin on this one yet. For now, this is getting 5 stars.
07:44am 01/12/2014
  i *Bug Martini
fantastic one-shots
Formerly "Bug", this comic is a series of short humorous situations. They are VERY funny.
The author's process of coming up with ideas is "think of a stupid idea, pursue", and he does it to great effect.
You will be able to judge the quality for yourself while reading any 10 consecutive comics.
09:27am 01/11/2014
This is the cutest and sweetest comic ever, especially if you like bunnies!
03:42am 01/09/2014
Strong Plot, Good 3D Graphics
This is one of those comics where the plot and the dialogue are stronger than the visuals. The comic uses 3D graphics that are good, but at times, it suffers from lighting issues and stiff characters. Still, the comic comes out three times per week and usually has at least four distinct panels.

The comic was rebooted when the author decided to change the relationship between Buck and Bonnie into a more distant, not as cordial one. Quite a few comics were deleted from the beginning as a result, and there are some plot gaps in what remains. Returning to the beginning and redoing the events leading up to the start of the current incarnation of the comic would be a major benefit to the overall universe of the comic. Still, the holes are pretty small and getting fewer as the story progresses.

This is definitely a comic for those who like good writing as much as they like good drawing.
12:08am 12/17/2013
  i *Kaspall LV
Exceptional long-running mystery.
Kaspall. At over four hundred pages this long running consistently well written and drawn webcomic has a beginning, a middle, and looks to be on track to a proper ending as well. When finished it will easily make my top-5 list of completed webcomics. Read it.

Kaspall. This city is located a step above the realm of dreams and functions a sand trap of the multiverse, which is why everything from dragons to cyberneticly augmented humans have gotten stuck living in a victorian-alchemy tech level populated primarily by anthropomorphic animals, some of whom are psionic-magic users. The two primary things the off-worlders who wandered in have in common are (a) they have no known method for returning home and (b) they are usually homesick.

I won’t spoil any of the mystery or adventure by describing the plot, but I will suggest starting with the ‘About’ page at: <>. Again, READ IT!
06:29am 11/30/2013
Short and Sporadic, but brilliantly fresh
Clearly written by a crazy biologist in love with their field. The passion is clear and contagious, and you can't help but get swept up in the absurdity.

The jokes are over subject matter you may have never studied, but we, as the uninformed readers, are NOT excluded. We are invited to revel in the beauty and mystery of the world around us...and to laugh heartily at it.

11:31am 11/18/2013
4-Star story, 2-Star graphics.
Welcome to the Universe, chosen hero. The Evil Empire (in name) has brought us peace, stability, and prosperity - so whatever you do, for the love of all that is good, PLEASE don't accidentally overthrow it.

This unique perspective on heroes and empires is worth a read, 'read' being the operative word. The quick sketch-graphics exist only to add context to the speech balloons, so don't bother come here for eye-candy.
10:14pm 11/04/2013
  i Bends, The AL
Great comic.
This comic is a fascinating neo-noire crime comic with some social commentary.
05:03am 10/26/2013
  i *Curtailed
Refreshingly Real
Its slice of life comic about a guy and a girl...
But it doesn't do all the awkward stuff, or the other annoying tropes that seem to be required for such things.
They even make fun of the unconventional nature of the comic in at least one strip.

Curtailed will make you smile, and it is hard to put down.

Very cute, very uplifting.
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