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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery or Noir, Parody or Satire, Political, Romance
Description*:ChrusherComix (abbreviated from Chris' Crusher Comics) is a 1,000+ Page/Three-volume comic book/graphic novel. The Three volumes are interrelated, but by no means interdependent, especially in the case of the third.

Volume 1 was done in 1988-1992 when the artist/author was am amateur high school artist in his teens to simply amuse his personal friends. It contains mostly juvenile humor, action, adventure.

Volume 2 was done between 1994-1999 when the author was in his twenties and was meant to practice comic book art with a semi-dramatic element, but then turned into a violent and immature crotch-comedy for the amusement for his friends.

Chrusher: End Cycle began in 2007 and is the author's 1st attempt at a mature, dramatic, erotic thriller in graphic novel format intended for a wide webcomic audience. The audience is invited to sample from the 1st two volumes, but the graphic novel that began in March 2007 is what the author wishes most to read.

The 1,200 page archive is complete and has comedy, action, and adventure. The new graphic novel updates near weekly (1-6 times per month) in the Fall/Winter (and is sporadic/irregular in Spring/Summer due to work - the author would like to be able to devote full time on it, but cannot and has to have two day jobs... unless fine readers like yourself read and support it daily with views, votes, ratings, and printed comic buys!) and is a thriller (with drama, action, adventure, romance, and horror). The comic is usually updated 1-3 times a week this seasonally, but the updates are sometimes in the archive and not always displayed on the main page, sometimes in the massive 1,000+ page archive.

Older comics are still archived on, but the entire series has been transferred to, including with regularly updated archival pages (colored and remastered).

Please read it & enjoy!

NOTE TO THOSE WHO CHANGE THIS BOOK TO INACTIVE: The comic is not inactive. It gets regular updates within the archive that contains over 1,000 pages. The newest storyline is on hiatus as far as no new pages uploaded yet (they are, however, being written regularly), but the archive is constantly updating. Those who believe it is inactive only look at the newest comic.
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L Adult Language
N Nudity
V Graphic Violence
X Explicit (NC-17)
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