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Angely I Demony

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Genres:Anime, Drama, Fantasy
Description*:"Angely i Demony" is actually Russian for "Angels and Demons" which is what AiD is about. Essentially. There's a lot more to it, however, that you will have to read and see. No, I do not speak Russian. The title is actually the first line of Origa's song "Inner Universe," coincidentally the opening song of "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex." I was obsessed with the song for a while, and probably still am. It fit, so I used it. Plus it sounds cool. I mean, who doesn't like titles in other languages, right?

Anyway, Angely i Demony was my baby all throughout high school, starting sophomore year. I currently have about 260 pages that are hand-drawn. The original goal was that it was kind of just for fun. But then it became more and I wanted (and still do) to publish it. However, right now AiD is still in its rough stages.
The pages won't look completely finished or anything like that, but they'll be pretty clean and you'll be able to read them.
The first pages I have just recently redone because I didn't like the first pages that I had originally done. The first three pages also turned into the first six pages, and I think they're better off that way.

I hope that you all will read this and have patience with me.
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L Adult Language
N Nudity
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X Explicit (NC-17)
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