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Life Effect, The

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Description*:The Life Effect takes place in some relatively large city. Probably Dublin, Ireland. It may take place at the turn of the century but who knows, in all fairness?

It all starts with the Alseida family uprooting of their life from quiet Uruguay to Celtic Tiger Ireland. From there, it's a madcap chase of adventure and happy times as all involved realise life isn't rosey and people tend to be fuckups.

As for the rest, well... it's about a bunch of people from different walks of life who somehow meet and fuck around with each other, fuck each other, fuck each other up, and fuck each other off. Not necessarily in that order.

The characters and stories have grown from the people and stories I've found in the last few years, while never being 100% true to life, and a lot of the time being based simply on my flights of fancy. You may consider it the Tinsel Town version of my life, rewritten to be more palatable and entertaining, and starring Richard Gere as "The Boy".
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