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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Horror, Spiritual
Description*:Jack, the Sin of Wrath, acting in his role as Death incarnate, works his way towards redemption amid other tortured souls in Hell and on Earth. Graphically disturbing, but with intense story arcs that intertwine brilliantly.

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02:01am 01/27/2010
After a month of reading I finally finished Jack from beginning to the current strip.

Jack is an awesome comic on a view of religion. From Heaven to Hell, angels and demons, the story and art really does make this something amazing.

The story behind Jack is that the main character, Jack, takes the role of a grim reaper, bringing the dead to judgement where they are directed to Heaven or Hell. Along this journey, Jack experiences many different scenes of deaths, which are all unique in their own way. Many characters are introduced through each story arc, some froming freindships, others making enemies, and the few that have the loving relationships. Later in the comic conflicts appear between Jack and the other sins of Hell, as well as a potential relationship with an angel. Overall the story is very emotional, creative, dramatic, and addicting.

One thing I noticed was that all the story arcs are related or connected to eachother, not neccesarily one after the other, but coming back after a few stories. The characters are also reintroduced in some stories, so none of the characters are forgotten.

The art was a little rough in the beginning, but progresses over time, like all comics. I, personally, like the artists drawing style because it brings out the detail. Most of the comic is black and white, but a few strips and stories have color added, which is nice. There are graphic scenes with gore, blood, and all that stuff, but this brings out the story. There are also the occasional scenes of sex, bondage, and rape (just to warn viewers). From all this, I would say the art is nice and descriptive.

The deeper meaning of the comic can have some controversy. The author's views of religion are shown in the comic, but I beleive everyones views should be respected. A lot of what is shown does actually make sense, such as having a Purgatory or redeeming yourself and having another life to get out of Hell.

I defineteley enjoyed reading the comic and understanding the theme of the comic. I recommend Jack to everyone, especially the ones inerested in religion, or have no idea what it is. I will continue to read and enjoy Jack and I hope you guys will too. It is worth reading!
07:33am 03/03/2009
Touching and Depraved
A crazy awesome structure.
There are a few characters that weave in and out of the short and multitudinous story arcs, but each arc has a unique story and set of main characters. Between each arc are a few shorts that include even more characters.
The artist must work overtime to come up with so many.
Some of the arcs are sad, tragic, touching, etc.
Some of them are depraved, disturbing and evil.
The use of color and style are tremendous. each arc has its own.
05:49pm 11/13/2008
An Inspiration...
This comic is an Inspiration to fledgling comic artists who aren't sure how its done. The plot is easy to follow but meaty. Character are memorable (in both identity and design). This unapologetic, envelope-pusher of a comic isn't afraid to make you think or challenge everything you hold dear.
10:25pm 07/25/2008
Heaven and Hell. Lots of Hell. Steaming Gritty Visceral Hell.
Hoo boy. This one is a good one. It has a deep archive of multiple story arcs. The stories are excellent. The religion is a story backdrop rather than something to beat over the head of the reader in a morality play. The artwork is kind of rough, but it fits the grittiness of the stories. The major over-sweeping plot of the entire series is the redemption of Jack, who has the role of the Sin of Wrath in Hell, and who acts as the Grim Reaper. It's Good. It's very, very, very bloody. There are story arcs that are very Texas-chainsaw-massacre style disturbing. Overall, I'd say this comic is like an unholy fusion of "The Silence of the Lambs", "Watership Down", and "Sin City." With lots of grim humor added in. I recommend it.
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