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Kitsune Jewel

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Transformation
Description*:The Kitsune, magical fox spirits who inhabit a separate dimension known as the Kitsune Realm, have always lead peaceful lives. That is, until their God, Inari, made the mistake of accusing a Kitsune known as Kyubi for doing a terrible crime. Kyubi, enraged by the accusation, used her powers to possess Inari and drive the God's spirit out, sealing it in a mortal girl's body. Now, many years later, and young Kitsune by the name of Ryu is being asked to go retrieve the mortal girl and release Inari's spirit. But doing this is going to take a lot of effort. It's a big task and a really big adventure.
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07:35pm 12/27/2008
More than meets the eye
The art is substandard (though consistent), the fighting is confusing and inconsistent. The plot is cliche and a bit repetitive.
But I cannot stop reading it. Something grabs me and I want to know how it ends. I am thankful for the high rate of page production.
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