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Namir Deiter

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Genres:Anime, Comedy, Drama, Furry
Description*:The story of four girls going through high school, college and real life, dealing with relationships and their emotional baggage.

A huge archive and well-drawn.
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10:07pm 04/22/2011
Depressingly well Done
This comic has that intangible X factor that won't let you give it up. In retrospect, I'm not really attached to any of the characters, the misery is all encompassing, the story is not terribly realistic, and the art is...
The art is good, but that just intensifies the pain of the rest of the comic. Since there are more than 4 concurrent storylines, its like watching four trucks in slow motion converge on you at once. Maybe you dodge the Tipper truck but don't worry, it will come back around for a fifth pass while the Falco and Gabby trucks are barreling in. And don't forget too long about the Joy truck because you almost forget about her troubles and then she comes out of nowhere to hit you again.
The good things are just there to give you a little false hope before the comic crushes your spirit again.
So why does it get 4 stars? Because I'm going with my gut and not logic on this one.
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