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Genres:Parody or Satire, Superheroes
Description*:Note: this is not a webcomic; rather, it posts selected clips from "classic" comics with disparaging commentary thereon...

Back in November of 2004, a guy named Mike Miksch started a thread at a Transformers message board called The Allspark about insane comic book covers throughout the ages. Initially it was a laugh in at the expense of Lois Lane Comics, but before the responses had gotten past even the first page, Mike had posted a pair of pictures depicting Superman burning a father's day gift from Jimmy and laughing in Lois's face as she begged him to prevent her from being forced to marry Titanman, and inadvertently set the tone for the resulting 30+ pages of responses:

Superman is a dick.

Technically he said "Superman is such a dick," but the "such" was subsequently dropped from the mantra. And from there it spread across a fair number of blogs and other discussion board forums, which Mike didn't become aware of until his coworker came up to him and told him that he'd seen the thread and was surprised to see that Mike started it. From there it was imitated by I-Mockery when they did a write up about about stupid comic book covers focusing on Jimmy Olsen comics. That made the front page of, where someone posted a link to the original thread on The Allspark, so it all came full circle.

At more than a quarter million views, that thread beats out the nearest competitor ten times over. Such is the appeal of Superman is a Dick.
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