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Description*:British slackers are more than they appear to be. A vast slashed canvas of present and future, from the poisoned mind of Alan Foreman.
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12:49am 04/07/2015
Among the Internet's best
For the first couple years after its debut in September 1998, S.S.D.D. was a typical "crazy roommates and hot girlfriend" strip, reliant on drugs, sex, and violence for its humor.

It is barely recognizable today as the same strip. It has become one of the best science fiction series available as a web comic. The art is still cartoonish but far more refined, with well-staged action sequences, well-rendered and recognizable characters, and carefully drawn backgrounds. The strip juggles multiple interrelated stories set in several times and possibly different realities.

The original main character has often gone years without appearing in the strip. The crazy roommate has become a vastly more important character. We see Norman Gates both as the violent goon we first met (now just beginning to discover the presence of shadowy, powerful figures in his life) and as the nearly mythological figure responsible for major events in galactic history. Sometimes characters are introduced after we already know their fates, and it becomes heartrending to see them struggle towards their goals as the reader already knows that they will never succeed, or will find happiness only briefly before tragedy strikes.

Nevertheless, even in the strip's darkest moments, the humor is always paramount. The run-on dialogue has become not a writing weakness so much as a characteristic of the strip. The anarchist views of many of the characters are presented in thought-provoking fashion, and the political wrangling is at once believable and hilarious.

This is a deep, multi-faceted, complex, entertaining, and thought-provoking comic. Enjoy it; it has the potential to last many more years.
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