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Genres:Drama, Science Fiction
Description*: In 2080, three teen-aged students of Heinlein Memorial High School "borrow" a TimePeeper -- a time-traveling device designed for recording past events -- and promptly lose it in the past. To avoid discovery and harsh punishment, Bernie, Valerie and Arthur must themselves travel 75 years into the past to retrieve the gadget. But what they encounter in the dark and barbaric year 2005 will completely change their lives.

TimePeeper, a new graphic novel by L. Neil Smith and Sherard Jackson, debuts on the Big Head Press website Tuesday, January 15. The direct link to the story is The story will begin with a 13-page opening chapter on that day and then present a new page every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday until the serialization is completed in September.

This sci-fi adventure story offers action, drama, a bit of romance, plus a modest dollop of the libertarian political commentary that is Smith's trademark, according to Big Head Press director Scott Bieser. "This is mainly a teen action story, with some twists, that should appeal to a wide audience," he explained, "but there is also enough classic Smithian brain candy included to satisfy Neil's legion of fans. I like to think of it as a descendant of the Robert Heinlein "juvenile" books."

This will be Smith's third published graphic novel, the previous two being Roswell, Texas, written with Rex F. May and with art by Scott Bieser and Jen Zach; and The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel, which adapts his first prose novel. In addition to the original Probability Broach, Smith has written and published 24 other prose novels (not including foreign editions) since 1980, and has three more in the works, including a prose version of Roswell, Texas.

Sherard Jackson is a 12-year veteran comics artist, and drawing in an engaging "world manga" style. Recent works include Cthulhu Tales: Tainted (BOOM! Studios), Semantic Lace: Ghost Story (Devil's Due Publishing) and Assembly, (Antarctic Press). He has also contributed art for role-playing game systems and worked as an animator on the 2006 film "A Scanner Darkly."
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