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Buckets, The

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Genres:Comedy, Syndicated
Description*:A realistic, frenetically funny snapshot of modern family life: the worries, the mayhem and the often-overlooked rewards.

The Buckets is written and illustrated by Greg Cravens. Examining everyday chaos with a healthy sense of humor, it strikes a chord with parents who juggle the many demands and the mild insanity of raising a family today.

Cravens graduated from the University of Memphis in 1987. He met original Buckets creator Scott Stantis while still in college and later called him up with questions about becoming a cartoonist. When, years and years later, Stantis decided to concentrate on writing The Buckets, Cravens was quick to point out that he could mimic Stantis' art style. They began collaborating in 2001, and Cravens took over the strip completely in 2006. In addition to The Buckets, Cravens draws editorial illustrations for various papers, advertising cartoons for a broad range of corporate clients and children's activity books for restaurants, hospitals and businesses.
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