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Union of Heroes

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Mystery or Noir, Superheroes, Transformation
Description*:The time has come for new heroes: The Union of Heroes!
Since april 2008 this professionally made photocomic presents the adventures of a group of german superheroes.
In German and English.
Updates three times a week (Mo., Wed., Fr.)
* Descriptions are user submitted and might not express the views of the admins of this site, or of the comics creators themselves.
Flags:V Graphic Violence
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Entry Added:Fri, May 9, 2008
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10:54pm 03/13/2010
Redefining photocomics and super heroes for the better...
You can’t get much better than Union of Heroes- in my eyes it does what the American TV show Heroes is attempting to do, it redefines what a super hero is once more, and this time with a larger helping of classic lineage in the comic world. If you want something that makes Heroes look like an amateur attempt at making a great super hero story for a modern audience – check out Union of Heroes. You won’t be disappointed.
11:51pm 05/05/2009
Wonderfully executed.
Photocomics are really hard to do because you can't just conjur up people, objects and scenes like you would through text nor can you just draw them out of thin air. All of it has to be sourced and it can be incredibly difficult. So this is a wonderful example of a photocomic researched and executed brilliantly.
09:44pm 04/16/2009
A Photocomic CAN be good!
Now here's a terrific spin on superhero comics... and pulls you in even more, being that you really feel you know the characters since they are... well... real! Yes, crafted with the same kind of passion a traditional cartoonist wields, photo-comics can be quite a work of art and fun to read. Bravo!
01:14pm 04/11/2009
European Superheroes!
I think what is most interesting about Union of Heroes is you get a good perspective on superheroes from outside the US. We're so used to American superheroes or, alternatively, manga characters, seeing some good, strong European heroes is a nice change of pace.
12:29pm 04/11/2009
I don't like photocomics. I've checked a few out and they never capture me. There's always something there that breaks the comic illusion.

Then I stumbled upon Union of Heroes... At first I thought "Oh here we go again." But the layouts, camera angles were interesting and it looked very proffessional so I gave it a shot... I'm GLAD I did. Union of Heroes has TOTALLY changed my opinion on photocomics. The story is captivating and now I'm a follower. It has kept me coming back fo the next installment time and again.

So check it out! I'm glad I did.
11:18pm 04/10/2009
Very cool webcomic
Being a photo-edited webcomic, at first you're like "what is this?" but it is a photographed story of heroes who experience their adventures in the Ruhr Area of a parallel earth. Sounds interesting? That's what it's supposed to be!

Now go read it; you'll be glad you did!
05:59pm 11/14/2008
A truely special comic!
This is the first I've seen of the photo comic and I must say it was a good first impression. The amount of planing in this is evident and the execution is wonderful! It does what all good stories do (gets lots of exposition out of the way quickly) and the international aspect is especially appealing to me. I recommend this comic for anyone who likes stylish comics with equally refreshing spins on old concepts!
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