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Description*:Rival Angels updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Rival Angels follows the story of Sabrina ‘Ultragirl’ Mancini and her three roommates in the fight of their lives as they attempt to battle against the best wrestlers in the world. It takes a look at the relationships that form behind the curtain, as well as the personal sacrifices and victories along the way, all from the perspective of a twenty-something gal.
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10:07pm 06/03/2009
The best there was, the best there is ...
... and probably the best there ever will be!

Start a google-search for "wrestling" and "webcomic" - Rival Angels is the first entry you will get!
Why? Because it is the number 1!
It's simply the best comic about wrestling you will find.
It's well written, well drawn and the story keeps you coming back.

What else do you need?
• A myspace page to befriend them? They have one!
• A facebook page to do the same there? Guess what? They have one, too!
• A deviantART page to gaze at albones drawings? Yup, there is one!
• A twitter-page to follow them? You name it - they have it!
• A forum to get in contact with other wrestling-fans? Strike - it's there!
• A blog where you can follow the creators thoughts? Of course there is one!
• Wallpapers, avatars, character pages, galleries...? Hey! They have everything - they even have their own TV Championship!

So you are interested in Wrestling do not know Rival Angels and you are still here reading this plug? What are you? Stupid? There are more than 222 pages waiting for you! Let's get ready to read them!
11:58pm 05/05/2009
*THE* wrestling comic.
I'm a fan of wrestling and I've been waiting for a good wrestling comic to come out and Rival Angels hits the spot perfectly. The characters are mostly positive female roles which makes it a rapid departure from what we're used to but female wrestlers can be just as good as the males if they know what they're doing. Great comic.
04:02pm 04/11/2009
Its a lot like watching a real...
Its a lot like watching a real wrestling match. Not that real wrestling matches are real, mind, but still, pretty darn cool.
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