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Genres:Comedy, Gaming, Parody or Satire
Description*:BK Broiler brings the funny. Satirical and adult oriented with a big dash of silly and bizarre. Follow Bill and Kirsten as they face the ridiculous and try to steer clear of the mysterious "Surprise ButtSecks Guy".

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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
V Graphic Violence
Entry Added:Tue, Jul 22, 2008
Entry Modified:Wed, Jul 6, 2016

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10:44pm 07/23/2008
Over the top at times, but very funny
BK Broiler might make you a bit confused at first. It combines absolute ridiculousness with laugh out loud funny. You definitely want to read from the beginning as they tend to build on each other which makes for some confusion if you happen upon the last strip in a series. Overall I think it's great and will definitely recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor slight north of normal.
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