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Tsubomi: Blue Dreams

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Transformation
Description*:Kyra thought she had the perfect plan. Instead of waiting on Aiden to become human, she'd surprise him by becoming a merperson just like him. After that they could be together forever. No more having to deal with superstitious villagers. No more moonlight rendevous. No more disappearing acts and lies. She'd have complete and utter freedom to do what she wanted and live her life. Nothing could be more perfect. All she had to do was drink a human-to-mermaid transformation potion given to her by a sorceress and she'd get her happily ever after. The catch? She has to kiss a merman within one hour of drinking it to make the transformation permanent or she'll die. Luckily for her she knew a willing and ready merman for the job who was madly in love with her...or so she thought. After drinking the potion and waiting patiently for Aiden's arrival, Kyra's plan comes crashing down on her when she catches her man kissing another woman on the beach. And to top it all off, he's already been turned into a human! Hurt and confused by Aiden's betrayal, Kyra flees to the ocean and dives into a fantastical world filled with mystery, wonder and maybe even second chances.
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