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Genres:Anime, Drama, Furry, Romance, Science Fiction
Description*:Mushians, insect-like humanoids, drone on in a hive-like society. Follow Lucia, Heiko, Jeanette and the rest of the cast as they try to survive the hive one life altering event at a time.
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N Nudity
X Explicit (NC-17)
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Entry Added:Thu, Oct 16, 2008
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03:27pm 07/02/2009
It Bugs me in all the right ways!
"Mushian" works as a comic because it understands the most important thing all comics should have: a good story. Yes, we all love weird, eccentric characters and goofy scenarios, but it's the plot that makes or breaks a comic. And thankfully, Christina is a gifted storyteller.

The artwork as well is wonderful and detailed, and most importantly, unique. It doesn't feel like she's aping another artist's style. The characters are three dimensional as well, with notable quirks, hang-ups and weaknesses.

Yes, I said that right, weaknesses. Too many comics try to make perfect characters who are awesome in every way, and that gets old fast. But here, we see imperfect characters who make mistakes. As the ne'er-do-well musician, Wesley should be the comic's breakout character should this story every get the larger audience it deserves. Sweet Feet and Heiko provide necessary comic relief as well when needed.

The insect setting is nice as well. Usually used exclusively in children's cartoons, it's nice to see a mature handling of what an anthropomorphic insect society would behave from an adult's perspective. The correlation between human and insect behavior is as surprising as it is fascinating. Next time you look at an ant hill you might wonder if Stalin is running the show at the center.

I say check it out.
10:21pm 11/18/2008
Bugs Like You and Me
Despite Lucia and her pals being a different species, I really feel like they have problems I can relate to. The four out of the main cast are not only likable, but are also interesting characters. I've really enjoyed each story line, and the art looks great! Please check out this awesome web comic.
11:13pm 11/10/2008
A nice comic with good development
has a nice and clean handdrawn style and features a nice array of plausible and believable characters, with good slice-of-life issues being played out. updating 3 times a week M-W-F gives it a nice tempo without leaving one hanging. good comic, worth the watch.
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