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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Horror, Spiritual
Description*:A half-succubus, half-human girl with a cursed sword and a foul mouth. An invisible, inhuman killer she calls "Uncle Spook". Werewolves. Vampires. Necromancers. Succubi. And more. So much more. Welcome to the world of Locus. Locus is an ongoing horror series broken up into three-issue stories full of Boobs, Blood and Bad Language (tm). If you're weary of all the tired old horror-movie cliches, then Locus is what you've been looking for. This series is for the hardcore horror fans who like a little back-story tucked into all the violence. Tweenies who prefer their vampires all sparkly and romantic will be disappointed, as will those people who like their horror stories full of annoying, hipster college kids with unlimited cell phone coverage. On the other hand, if you're one of those people who believe a horror story should have a lot of naked breasts, snarling monsters and profanity... welcome home!

Written and drawn by former Kiss 4K writer/artist Adam Black, Locus is a showcase for the kind of comics Adam likes to make when left to his own devices, uncensored and unbound.
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07:43am 04/25/2012
Boobs, Blood, and Bad language
This comic has it in spades!
From beginning to end it is a joyride of awesome, and if you hate it... well you're entitled to an opinion.

Got creepy crawlies, busty succubus, and winged terrors, on top of an old story from which you'll be in awe at the twists and turns that will be thrown at you!

Locus is all about a girl (Named Locus, go figure) who crime fights with her bada*s uncle until a series of events cause sh*t to hit the fan, what with a ingenious Necromancer and a plot that is to DIE for.

Do yourselves a favor and give this great comic a read, you should not regret it!
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