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Epic Fail

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Description*:Epic Fail is a fantasy webcomic about a group of adventurers who get along famously in very dangerous situations. They don't do so well when everything's status-quo. The things that make them work well together - their differences - are exactly the things that drive each other crazy!
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Flags:A Adult Situations
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Entry Added:Sun, Jan 18, 2009
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01:28am 03/18/2010
It's so fun to be wicked!
When you wake up hoping someone will loose a chastity vow to a perverted compulsive thief, who goes around burning dwarfish facial hair, then you know you can't get enough of EPIC FAIL!
This Fantasy Webcomic is light and fun to read, and more refreshing than peppermints!
Start Reading it!!!
10:01pm 03/13/2010
Picking up with a uniquely mismatched party of adventurers, Epic fail displays a unique art style and it's own brand of dungeon-delving humor. While delightful chaos abounds page by page, the threads of far more far-reaching stories are woven in seamlessly.
03:31am 03/09/2010
Epic Fail = Epic Win
It is easy to initially write off "Epic Fail" as just another fantasy/RPG-based webcomic (to be honest, there really are a ton out there). However, as you are drawn into the lives of these fascinatingly distinct characters it is amazing how well-developed they become as the series goes along. "Epic Fail" sports refreshingly well-written characterizations, great art, and a fun storyline. Typical ingredients for a comic series that is full of win.
06:00pm 03/07/2010
Epic Fail - review by Feanor
Epic Fail is based around the exploits of a group of your typical Fantasy Heroes. Of course, things don't always go the way they plan, hence the title of the comic. The characters are enjoyable with unique character, and there are reglar in-jokes for players of Fantasy Role-Play. The artwork continues to improve as the comc progresses. Well worth a look.
08:49am 03/07/2010
Fun comic
This comic is a lot of fun to read, whether you're a fantasy/RPG fan or not. I definitely recommend it.
04:03pm 04/11/2009
Still new, the series has some...
Still new, the series has some great potential. The writer has a great sense of humor.
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