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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Furry, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Romance, Science Fiction
Description*:Follows the exploits of a rag-tag group of would-be heroes as they embark on a journey that will take them across their homeworld and beyond. Set on the lost planet of Mu, which recently reappeared in the skies above a war-torn future Earth (12 millenia after its mysterious disappearance).

In the year 2099AD the world of Mu has came under attack from it's sister planet, Earth. After an attack on, Arcanus, the capital city of the Feran race that is only barely defeated, our would-be heroes set out in search of justice, some thing lost and the source.

Over the course of their journey they will meet new allies, forge bonds, battle enemies, travel to other worlds and become the stuff of legend.
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Flags:L Adult Language
N Nudity
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01:37am 03/17/2010
On the lost planet of Mu, a group bands together to travel throughout their world... But there's more to what there seems; Feran cat people, dealings with the planet Earth, dabblings in magic and machinery, and, best (or worst, for the characters) of all, betrayal, lies, and intrigue. What will it all lead to? Something interesting, no doubt.

The art is sketchy but demonstrates quite an underlying personality. I hope to see it become more refined in the future. The characters quite amuse me, even the ones that make me angry with their false-sentencing and culture bias! I'm quite eager to see where the story goes -- I expect it will go far. (Besides, there will be a good amount of LGBT/gay themes, and a good dash of gay + innuendo always amuses me. 8D)
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