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Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life

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Description*:One man's search for the meaning of life...

We think he's on LSD...

...the author, too(read the blog posts, specifically the "Thoughts" category)...
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Entry Added:Sun, May 17, 2009
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04:57pm 06/14/2009
Quite good, I have high expectations
Fun and unique comic. It has started recently, but already there have been multiple story arcs. I laughed out loud for a few of the jokes.
02:04pm 06/05/2009
by kbl
It's hard to be different on the internet
...but this webcomic does it! There's no other webcomic similar to it right now, which many comics cannot claim (how many college students/families/WoW characters/furries webcomics can there be, really?)... It's funny, the art is really good (a stylized-sketchy newspaper look), and the concept is great. Check it out!
05:29pm 05/23/2009
Edmund Finney's Quest for the Meaning of Life
really good! it's semi-weekly, which would get 4 stars from me since you have to wait, but the blog is updated daily, and those are funny, too. so, 5 stars. good content!
03:48pm 05/19/2009
EQComics - kind of new, but good so far
I like the artwork- classic comic strip style, not too wordy. The concept seems to have a lot of story potential, since it's so random. It's a newer strip (15 or so as of now, I think), but good so far!
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