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Genres:Action-Adventure, Furry, Science Fiction, Transformation
Description*:The survivors of a genetic transformation apocalypse eake out an existence in the underground 'End Town'. Hiding from the xenophobic purist 'Topsiders', who seek to cleanse humanity of the anthropomorphic and not-so-anthropomorphic 'mutants'.

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05:08am 03/04/2011
Endtown: A gripping story with a bit of a letdown ending.
I won't disagree with what the first reviewer said. Endtown gripped me the moment I saw its ad on the Tales of the Questor page. It was a quirky world, part distopia, part satire, with half-animal mutant humans struggling to deal with their new bodies. Awesome already. Certain unanswered questions were made up for with the gripping storyline, which was strongly founded on the two very interesting lead characters. The dark, overly racist atmosphere was balanced well with quirky humor and sweet stuff.

Unfortunately, it didn't last. I won't spoil anything, but about 3/4 ths of the way through, the comic took a severe turn for the dark, upsetting the pre-set balance. Worse, the main characters that I said were so lovable were removed from the story's focus. The spotlight was instead given to a woman who was, if I may be so bold, extremely less likable. Because of this, the ending is not as fulfilling as I believe it had the potential to be.

Not to say that this is a bad comic. It's an easy read with an interesting art style and fascinating, well-developed characters, and it definitely has its high points. If my synopsis of the ending doesn't scare you off, I would fully recommend you read and enjoy Endtown.
09:59pm 08/07/2009
Starting signs of succsess for Endtown.
This recently created daily web comic has stuck right in with establishing what it's about. This is a great demonstration of the "Show don't tell" rule of writing, instead of explaining the setting with some narration text, we get a compelling introduction that throws us right into the action, then draws us into the rest of the world and it's inhabitants. And even at this early stage, it's established the ground work for some good story telling. This is a webcomic very much from the 'Digger' line of ongoing story telling, and so far does it well. I look forward to seeing if this is sustained, and hope it is!
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