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Atomic Laundromat

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Genres:Anime, Parody or Satire, Science Fiction, Superheroes
Description*:A comic about life in the glamorous superhero services industry. David and Bob (the world's lamest transformer robot) run - with varying levels of success - a laundromat for superheroes and supervillains. Atomic Laundromat -- because someone has to wash the capes.
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Flags:A Adult Situations
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05:42am 08/20/2011
Lets hear it for the underachievers!
When everybody else is doing incredible things, and you are content with your laundromat for superheros, who really is winning? Well probably the superheros. They certainly seem to be enjoying life more. David may like to complain, but I don't think he would trade places with them. He may envy the romantic nature of their job, but he knows its a little silly. Sometimes he envies them a lot though. One thing is for sure, Angela isn't hanging out at the laundromat because it is the hip place to be.
The characters are delightfully deep, the story turns tropes on their heads, and you want to keep reading.
All of the comics have alt-text, but for most, it is just a title. Check them all anyways because some are pretty funny extras.
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