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Phil Likes Tacos

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Genres:Comedy, Gaming, Parody or Satire
Description*:Info: A zany, faux-stick drawn comic featuring Phil and Doug. One's a fast food worker, and the other's a video game player. Hilarity ensues with clueless costumers, Powerpuff Girl fanboys and dark, evil fast-food bosses.

Author's description: In a depressing way, Phil Likes Tacos is a compilation of all the horrible things I’ve seen and heard about while working in retail/fast food jobs. But on the other hand, now I get to make fun of all those horrible customers and apathetic coworkers from over the years. It’s also a good opportunity for me to make plenty of video game jokes, because that’s what I do in my spare time. I mean, I draw webcomics. I think I have to.
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Entry Added:Fri, Nov 20, 2009
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