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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction
Description*:A multinational crew of kidnapped earthlings help aliens attempt to right intergalactic wrongs. By Christopher Baldwin, creator of Bruno and Little Dee.
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08:30am 02/27/2012
One of my favorite Sci-fi comics
Even before they abducted a few humans on their philanthropic mission, the odd crew had numerous issues and only a few tentative goals keeping them working together. They hand picked a number of humans with specific talents to help them free an enslaved race, and things go rapidly downhill from there. Firstly, one of the people they aggressively recruited was the twin brother of their actual target. Even in success things just get worse.

The humor is offbeat, strange and effective. The aliens are wonderful, but it is our human protagonists who are diverse. They include a male cat owning vegetarian pacifist from Gabon, and a female gun-wielding acrobat American literally raised by coyotes. And that is leaving out the bizarre humans.

The story is told from an interesting perspective: the leader Alien has come to earth to find our lead protagonist's father in order to tell the story of how his daughter died. This gives the story a dark feel, even when the father is tormenting the alien.

I recommend getting into the story before making a judgement. Get though the short intro, the short introduction to the Father and the alien, and into the meaty portion. I'm afraid the artwork is not terribly aesthetic, and the Russian character annoys me, but I have gotten used to these because the other elements of the comic are so strong.
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