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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Mystery or Noir
Description*:Sonja, the lighthouse keeper at a seaside oil-drilling town, loses her cat, Victuals. The workers blame the Lizard Man, the local bogeyman, which Sonja believes is a myth created by her late father to generate interest in the town. But when Victuals unexpectedly returns, some things about him are - different, and Sonja is forced to re-examine what she "knows" to be true, as well as help Victuals embark on an adventure of a lifetime...
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07:47am 02/20/2011
beautiful, good story
I have high hopes, and plan to buy it when the graphic novel comes out. Very unique storyline, takes some time to digest, and a special kind of art that adds to the mystery.
04:45pm 03/15/2010
Beautiful art, engaging writing
When I first visited this comic I was prepared to be disappointed -- a lost cat as the initial plotline? But the protagonist was an interesting figure, only a little bit of a stereotype/stock character, and...the art floored me. There is a of a mix of styles, from simple two-color line art to manga-style exaggeration to lush "magic realism".

The art serves to further draw in the reader, as it hints that the world has elements of steampunk, magic/fantasy, scifi, or maybe we're just on our own Earth after all (no we're not).

After each plot twist, you'll want to go back and re-read all the previous pages to look for the subtle clues that foreshadowed it, and as you're doing so you'll notice even more of the surprising beauty and attention to detail in the art and writing.
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