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Wayward Sons: Legends

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
Description*:An online & offline comic book that tells the backstory of the alien Ulympeans who influenced all myths on Earth.
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Entry Added:Mon, Jun 14, 2010
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04:04pm 10/25/2010
Best Webcomic ever
I don't know what that other reviewer was smoking, but not only is this comic awesome with its art, the story is the best. The writer is an actual comic book writer from Marvel.

And I really dont understand what he means by it doesn't say how long time has passed between issues. I did a quick archive dive and found these examples.

It wasnt hard for me to find. All I had to do was look in the first couple pages of each issue to read. Maybe the problem isnt with the writing, but the reader on that one. And theres an about page with every character's name and links.

I'm enjoying the comic every day. I dont know any other comic that gives me as much every day as this one. Period.
06:05pm 09/19/2010
Wayward Sons: Way too far gone.
I used to wonder why movie/television studios hired writers. They were people who didn't work on the performance itself, not even the technical aspects, just provided story. With Wayward Sons, I get my answer: Because some people with excellent drawing skills can't write for CRAP.

Wayward Sons takes place on an alternate reality version of Ancient Greece or maybe Egypt. The art is EXCELLENT. That said, most of the characters, in terms of personality, appear to be made of cardboard. Not that any of them will be permitted enough consecutive screen time for it to matter. There are so many of them that it can be difficult to keep track, with the exceptions of the ones that stand out, for example, the dragon or the tall beefy african american. There are character sheets in the archive, but by the time I got to those I no longer cared.

As for the plot- weeks pass by in the timeline that the reader wouldn't even be aware of without a character saying "It's been a week since the crash," or "we caught that bad guy a month ago." Major events, such as a romance, pass by too quickly, and don't leave an emotional impact. The battles are far from epic; most seem to be decided before the first punch is thrown.

I only gave the comic a 2-star rating because the art was good. Also, I liked some of the character designs- but only among the villains. Some may cite me for being too harsh, or that the comic's only four months old (as of september 2010). Still, at the end of the day, Wayward Sons claims to be a sci-fi comic that puts up advertisements (which are SO ANNOYING as I try to read the otherwise-innocent Dreamland Chronicles) portraying female members of the cast stripping.
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