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Loose Screw, The

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Genres:Comedy, Parody or Satire
Description*:A twisted concoction of relationships, sexuality and popular culture.
* Descriptions are user submitted and might not express the views of the admins of this site, or of the comics creators themselves.
Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
Entry Added:Sun, Sep 5, 2010
Entry Modified:Sun, Jun 26, 2011

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12:29am 11/28/2010
Wonderfully Twisted
Whether you want to question another human being's sanity or get a laugh out of the strangeness in life, I would definitely recommend it.
09:56pm 10/27/2010
Funny Stuff
I fo sho have the worst ADD this side of the Mississippi. This site definitely appeals to me in that way considerin that it's a one panel Gag-A-Day. It also helps that - on most days - its stupid filthy and demented. Thumbs up.
07:06pm 10/15/2010
The Loose Screw Review
I'm relatively new (been checking them out for close to half a year) to the webcomic scene, but I'm beginning to see the different facets of what a webcomic can obtain.

The Loose Screw, it seems, takes it to a different level. I have yet to come across a webcomic that has such a variety of content. In most cases, these webcomic websites get old very quickly. With the same jokes, characters and overall 'blah'-ness, these sites really don't change anything up.

The Loose Screw, on the other hand, seems to be getting it. Although, from what I have ascertained, this site is relatively in its infant-stage, the artist has already introduced 5+ different types of content, plus constant openings for guest comics.

Considering how repetitive all these webcomics have become, it's really nice to see a change in it all.

Plus, for the most part, it's funny as hell.
06:43pm 10/05/2010
Incredibly Enjoyable / Highly Recommended
Using satire and irony, this comic really knows how to make you laugh (or give out an 'ugh' in disgust - but the good kind lol). I really enjoy the crude look of the comics, as well as the website - It makes you feel like the artist literally drew them right on your screen. With all the technology these days, it's nice to see someone not trying to do any photoshop tricks etc. Also, unlike other webcomics, this one actually has a blog with really entertaining content that includes stories and, what the writer has titled, a weekly "Rant/Rave". The site is well-rounded and interactive and although it is only a month old (as of when I am writing this), I feel like there is going to be PLENTY of great content to come. Highly recommended.
08:32pm 09/28/2010
really clever
A prime example of what a proper mix of perversion and cleverness is capable of. Reminds me of old Far Side comics but (somehow) more twisted. A single panel comic, but a good array of different topics and popular culture references. It's also refreshing to see a webcomic that includes its readers in the content (namely, the "Guestuesday" comics ans "Guesticle" blog postings). It keeps it fresh and interactive. I am truly looking forward to what else The Loose Screw has to offer. Definitely recommend it to those who have a good sense of humor and need a good 'LOL' moment daily.
02:16pm 09/24/2010
by jlk
I found this site and i check it everyday amazing.
08:01pm 09/17/2010
great comic. really enjoy the ...
great comic. really enjoy the raw look of it.
08:00pm 09/17/2010
reminds me of the far side but way filthier. definitely recommended for old school larson fans.
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