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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Spiritual, Superheroes
Description*:Comics by Thoni Lee Wilson.
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Entry Added:Wed, Oct 6, 2010
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05:55am 01/07/2011
Freaking Awesome.
Found this comic on Belfry and have been following it for quite a bit. First time reviewing so I thought I would review one of my favourites. Their stories get pretty funny at times, and the characters are hilarious. Pretty freaking awesome.
11:14pm 10/14/2010
So, simply put, DeadNemo is a comic that falls flat in originality and art talent. The cascade of vague character mixed with vague punchlines makes me think this is more of a comic between friends, but nothing more. The art seems to take the "distorted is art" theme, and the color comes off more as a gimmick than anything.

Two gamers on a couch is dead. That's really what this chalks up to. The comic's lack of continuation between comics leaves no room for story. And without the solid base of a good joke (hence the "vague punchline" comment) this will wind up to be just another webcomic that no one will miss if it gets kidnapped and raped.

But... I feel I must offer some advice and at least one positive comment. Advice, move away from the two gamers on the couch theme. It can't be reinvented and it can't be interesting outside of the staple comics already out there. I'd like to see more of the slice of life, but ONLY if there's going to be a good joke.

As for the compliment, I will admit that the consistency of the color does impress me, and the bits of psychedelic backgrounds were creative, to say the least.
LSC's contact: lonestarcoyote [at] hotmail[dot]com
08:58am 10/11/2010
You guys are mad. That Andy kid seems mad. The comics look so good. I wish I could subscribe again. Everyone wondering if this comic is any good, its mad. So read it and subscribe. These guys deserve some recognition for the work they seem to be putting into it.
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