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Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Political
Description*:The story of Magra and his brutally vicious life as a bounty, hunter, assassin and overall low-life. Drawn in a consistent black and white.

The X rating includes scenes of violence to the nth degree, sex, drugs and alcohol.

Obviously, this may not be for you.
If you like Jack, you will probably like this too!
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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
N Nudity
V Graphic Violence
X Explicit (NC-17)
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03:09am 06/15/2011
Magra: The webcomic that desperately wants to be Jack
I hope that the title for this review does not come off as unfair. It shouldn't: the very page description claims a comparison to the dark comic about the bunny grim reaper. There's certainly similar themes: comic split into several smaller stories, life in a crapsack world, black and white, excessive violence and sex, a dark main character with severe morality issues. However, this particular comic appears to be reaching too far when trying to imitate its inspiration.

I had a bit of a hard time liking Jack: with every story arc, I had a nagging voice in the back of my head saying "You should probably not be reading this, numbskull!" (If you've read Jack, you know what I mean.) However, in spite of that voice, I kept reading, because the story just gripped me, in spite of the dark themes and stuff you would not show your child. However, that gripping sensation...just seems to be lacking with Magra.

Reading Magra, I quickly noticed the absence of something that had pulled me into Jack: contrast. In Jack, the main character obviously is bad news: he's the grim reaper for pete's sake, and to top that off he lives in Hell and is ugly as sin (cough). However, you start realizing that there is something more to this guy when he starts befriending a little innocent child who never even got to see the light of day. With Magra, on the other hand, the contrast is absent. There's nothing really setting him apart at a glance that screams "this guy should be a main character." Comparing him to the world in which he lives, he's just one dark character with no respect for the people around him in a world filled with dark characters with no respect for the people around them. Nothing really sets him apart.

In an early arc, a woman being held captive and afraid for her life has a conversation with her captor about spiritual issues. This is, at least, an original concept that helps set this comic apart from.. okay, sorry, couldn't keep a straight face. Yes, we've seen this in Jack, also, and again, it doesn't carry the same impact. Here, the hostage woman appears to be the only one who really seems to care. In Jack, at least there were spiritual forces that are present, albeit invisibly, that give the hostage's argument some support.

Looking back, I can see that this review may seem to just be praising Jack in the wrong place. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how else to word it. It's not uncommon for video game reviewers to call a game a "Diablo clone" or a "God of War clone," so I'm not really pushing any limits when I call this webcomic a "Jack clone." I will admit that I didn't read very far into Magra. If you think that makes my opinion invalid, then by all means, read it for yourself and write another review on how great Magra was. However, to explain that, I stopped reading Magra because I didn't see anything redeeming to justify me forgiving all the junk that gave it an X rating. Jack certainly earned its X rating, but it used juxtaposition well enough for me to keep ignoring that little voice in the back of my head.

To conclude, the comic's info page proudly proclaims, "If you like Jack, you will probably like this too!" I will say that if you liked Magra, you will like Jack. However, I can't claim the vice versa will be true.
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