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Star Knights

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Furry, Horror, Science Fiction, Superheroes
Description*:Who are the Star knights? You are about to find out in this epic story that will become a different mixture of genres.

Under the surface of our reality exist two auras. The light and the dark. By the order of the creator both are to be enemies forever locked in combat. But there was a time long ago were they both coexisted in a world of wonders. This world became the center of the universe and for a time being the universe was at peace. This all changed after a certain event caused the world to collapse. The blame was placed on the dark and the light out of fear locked the dark away in a realm beyond our world. With the center of the worlds gone the light had no choice but to leave. This is an old story that our past wanted to be buried, much details were lost to time on what happen during that event. Yet the dark still exists somewhere. We just dont take the time notice, but its still there waiting to be free, leaking into our reality.

In the year 2027, earth has been lost to chaos. A set of unwanted events has caused society to collapse. With the earth falling apart we begin to be consumed by our shadows. Creatures start to appear out of the very corners of our existent. They are called the corrupted. Lost souls that are corrupted by sin. But what is more worrisome there seems be be someone controlling them. Reapers. We need heroes to rise up and face the new enemy. The star shall shine as the knights will rise.

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