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Genres:Action-Adventure, Horror, Mystery or Noir, Superheroes
Description*:Villains Club visualizes an alternative timeline in the future. People’s greed has taken over nature, and they live in a dead world. Life on the surface is difficult due to the holes in the ozone layer, air has to be made artificially, and the overpopulation has made people live in cities built under the ocean. Everything is a big secret, goverments do as they please and people don’t care of justice anymore, as long as they have peace. This is the world where Nicholas Heillanne lives. Life has taught him to look down on people, seeing what they have done to their own planet. It needs a cure, a cure that will exterminate the whole human race: destroying Earth (or what’s left of it). Although, he’s not that alone. An alien, and a little robot girl are going to help him.

Will he ever be stopped?

Member of Rampagenetwork.

Artist has pulled all artwork from website.
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Flags:N Nudity
V Graphic Violence
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