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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Furry, Science Fiction, Transformation
Description*:The survivors of a genetic-transformation apocalypse eke out an existence in the underground 'Endtown', hiding from the xenophobic purist 'Topsiders' who seek to cleanse humanity of the anthropomorphic and not-so-anthropomorphic 'mutants'.

A separate story (in the same world) from the artist's original (completed) webcomic Endtown on Modern Tales.

Updates Mon-Wed-Fri.
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Flags:L Adult Language
V Graphic Violence
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11:46am 04/11/2013
Epic story-telling, that should be nominated for an Eisner.
Endtown has been slowly slogging away as a substantial piece of work that started out above the average crop of webcomics to start with. It's story of survival dipped in a traditional "funny animal" gloss has been gripping. The art has been consistently and precisely tailored to the content, using a well presented traditional clean-line news-paper strip format. It references and frames it's self in similar ways to the adventure serials, and has gone on to surpass them.

Telling the story of post-apocalyptic society with a society of survivors, some mutated into anthropomorphic shape and others not, and under constant siege from the still human but horrifically xenophobic "topsiders". this strip has carefully mixed it's elements of comic relief, action and high drama.

The turning point for the comic has come with the slow wind up the peak of the roller coaster, and now crests over the peak of a roller coaster ahead. Reaching a point where this "funny animal" comic starts raising very fundamental issues about humanity, person-hood and society.

I note that the content comprising the Trial of Maude will be eligible for 2014 Eisner nominations. I urge its submission for consideration.
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