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Genres:Comedy, Furry, Parody or Satire
Description*:Beer Chugger is somewhere around his late 20s to early 30s. One day he is surprised to see that his pet cat Pirate has turned into a Furry. The down side is that only he can see her in this form; to everyone else’s eyes she appears the same as she ever was. This is where Beer’s life starts to really suck.

It’s a slice-of-life comic that parodies all the classic 90s anime shows and even some modern ones. It doesn’t try to break any boundaries, but with comedy one seldom needs to break what’s not broken.

Rated R for adult situations, profanity, nudity and violence and light gore. You know, all that good stuff!
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Entry Added:Mon, Feb 14, 2011
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03:52pm 02/21/2011
Do the creep... AHHHH!
There's been very few comics that have done as much as to truly give me that creepy, creeper feel over the internet. That doesn't usually warrant a bad rating, which I haven't hesitated to give here, but the fact is... well, Mr. Pinkard is doing it all wrong.

First off, the art is substandard. Sketchy, unclean, and inconsistent in line work and such. It doesn't work well for whatever style he's trying to portray, and often times the facial expressions bounce between bland and overly stylized.

One of the things he screwed up was basically just the entire premise of the comic. It's not that it's a BAD idea. I mean, it can be funny when I think about it. A single guy who's cat turns into a pretty cat-girl, but only everyone just sees a normal cat. That's funny and a little twisted.

But Pinkard just... tears it apart. The scenes are much too awkward to be funny. You see him drooling over the cat-girl, and there's this sudden and abrupt change to him drooling over a house pet. It's VERY awkward, and it gives you that sorta SQUICK feeling.

Take the very first page. I was amused and chuckling at the idea until the last line.

"... and I am a cat lover."

Okay. I see the play on words. But based on what has just been shown, and just... how it's said, it comes off as very, VERY creepy. I then I keep going anyway, because I'm a moron. And now the image of a normal house cat seductively suggesting that she NOT wear clothes is etched in my brain.

My only suggestion for the comic artist is to SERIOUSLY reconsider where the hell this comic is going. Does it HAVE to be a semi-awkward tease that switches between the fur-fandom-fan-service bit and a bestiality thing, or can it be a little less awkward have a little more story behind it?

Or, maybe, just maybe, if Pinkard timed the switch between "Cat Girl" Vision and House Cat Vision a little better, it would tone done the strangeness. I found that in comics such as the Feb 12th and 14th pages, where the cat Pirate is in an anthro form in the last panel (where we get a comedic reaction for the main character, Beer), came off as a lot funnier and less awkward. SO, again, timing is key.

Oh, and do us a favor and PLEASE quit giving the house cat version of Pirate seductive looks. Cats are cute and cuddly, not sexy.


Ps: And what the hell is up with all the face sitting? Yes, house cats are notorious for lifting the tail and showing the backside, but when Beer is butt-sniffing a cat-girl to a detailed degree, it makes me feel like you got a fetish for it. Not gonna lie.
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