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Bloody Sugar

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Frequency:Comic Book Teasers
Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
Description*:A dangerous succubus and her irresistible sex appeal... A girl thrown into a restless life fighting evil... A bloody line of victims and vendetta ties the two girls, while obscure forces play with their destinies. Action, gorgeous girls, hot situations in a dark goth webcomic!

BloodySugar is an online comic with a dark theme in the style of Van Helsing. The setting is Eastern Europe at end of the 19th century, near the turn of the 20th century! We start our story in the year 1899. This isn't another typical Buffy the Vampire hunter story. Get ready for an interesting adventure.

Pay porn site.
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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
N Nudity
X Explicit (NC-17)
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