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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Furry
Description*:Oblivion; choose your own adventure, about a slutty alcoholic cat.
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09:53pm 08/15/2011
Addictive comic that leaves you excited about the future
I started this comic with no knowledge of the video game world the story is set in, or of this style of interactive comic. The audience acts as the protagonist's brain and conscience, giving her the options and rational, but ultimately, her character shows through in the final decisions.
It is easy to follow, and simple to understand. I've enjoyed the characters and the story, as well as the beautiful way the author integrates a HUGE number of audience suggestions into the comic.
How beautiful is it that a large influx of contradictory audience comments turns the protagonist into a basketcase? :)
Even when the comments in the command thread lead you to guess what the next day's decision will be, you will likely still be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. This happens because some of the sleeper comments, ignored by the readers, take an auxiliary roll to the main vein of posts.
I'm amused that some of the readers are working very hard to help Katia, while others seem to revel in her titanic implosions. I think ALL of them like teasing her though!
What are you waiting for? Go read it!
08:02am 07/26/2011
Prequel: It’s strange, silly, random…and I love it.
Prequel was originally hosted on the MSPaint Adventures site before finding a niche on it’s own. It shows its origins: the beautiful art is simplistic and a little pixilated, and much of the story’s details are steered by reader suggestions. And, like most of the stuff coming out of MSPaint Adventures (Problem Sleuth, Homestuck, Corgi Adventures), it is awesome.

Let me start with a little personal comment: While comics like Problem Sleuth might take a few suggestions from the readers, ultimately, what the reader of the comic saw was a command that dictated the next page’s events. However, here, the artist takes the time to print out, verbatim, the suggestions coming in from the viewers that influenced the page’s creation. I hate this. While I can understand it might be nice to see your comment up there, above what it resulted it, ultimately, I just want to read the comic. The comment boxes above the pictures just get in the way: you don’t need to have read them to know what’s going on, and sometimes the author decides not to use their suggestions anyway, like when they actively try to make the character do things that require knowledge the reader has but the character doesn’t. You might try to just skip them, but sometimes the main character actually replies to what was written, and so much for that.

However, that’s my only major criticism. Prequel is the first webcomic in a while that I’ve actually wanted to see to the end once I’ve reached the middle. It tells the random, funny, strange, and sympathetic story of a new immigrant to Cyrodill. You get to watch as she screws up, makes a mess or two, and desperately tries to clean it up. I was worried for a bit it was going to be repetitive, but we all can emphasize with someone who’s going through a hard time when nothing seems to go right for them (or at least, feel better about our own lives). It’s Oblivion fanfic, but I don’t think knowledge of the game is necessary to enjoy the comic. If you really need this or that factoid explained, here’s a link to the Elder Scrolls Wiki: <>

I love how this comic makes its characters, keeping them imaginatively original even though bound by Elder Scrolls canon. It even takes some things from canon and plays with them, building up off of them. Just when you think you’ve got a good idea of there this all is going, it throws in something that keeps your eyes fixed and your mouse clicking. And yes, it is funny.

This is a good comic. Recommended to anyone who is a fan of MSPaint Adventures or The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Currently has a good amount of content to keep you going for a good while. I loved this, and hope you all will too.
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