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Trenches, The

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Genres:Comedy, Gaming
Description*:Focuses on Isaac and his life as a game tester. As the comic goes on you'll get introduced to his friends and the hell that can be QA. The comic will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday. Along with each new strip we will also be featuring a story from an actual tester about their experiences in the industry.
From the creators of Penny Arcade.
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03:20am 03/01/2012
Did you regret learning how hot dogs were made?
Theory: Testing video games for a living would be a good job.

The entire point of this comic is to dispel this lie in brutal fashion. It turns out that the job is a tedious grind.

It's got some good characters, and a unique setting and solid humor. It should, since it is made by three of the patriarchs of webcomics: Scott Kurtz of PVP, with Jerry and Mike of Penny Arcade.

Still relatively young, this strip is destined for greatness.
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