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Redtail's Dream, A

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Genres:Drama, Fantasy
Description*:"A Redtail's Dream" is a webcomic about a young man and his shapeshifting dog on an involuntary journey on the other side of the Bird's Path in the realm of dreams. They have to rescue their fellow Villagers before their souls pass on to Tuonela, the land of eternal sleep.

In English and Finnish.
* Descriptions are user submitted and might not express the views of the admins of this site, or of the comics creators themselves.
Flags:L Adult Language
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06:00am 07/10/2013
Gorgeous strip complimented by strong writing
The start is whimsical and silly but not out of inexperience. It is the perfect prologue to the adventure about to unfold. The story takes place in unique and intriguing arcs that escalate methodically and purposefully. It is easy to get lost in the series of worlds, and though the build up hasn't yet panned out, the quality of the writing leaves no doubt that our time and patience will be well rewarded.

In the meantime, laugh at the two lovable protagonist as they stumble forwards, and marvel at the consistent and beautiful art.
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