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Adventures of Gyno-Star, the

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Genres:Comedy, Parody or Satire, Political, Superheroes
Description*:Features what I believe may be the first-ever explicitly feminist superhero. Its aim is to lampoon politics, prejudice, hypocrisy, feminism and most importantly superhero comics with a slightly wicked, definitely dark sense of humor.
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07:49pm 04/09/2012
Love this comic! Biting satire, great jokes, good art.
I remember the first time I read Gyno-Star... I was live-tweeting my viewing of the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Assassination Games when Gyno-Star popped up on my Twitter feed. I'm a big JCVD fan (I know, it's kinda weird...) but I got so into the Gyno-Star webcomic that I had to pause the movie. I just couldn't wait to finish reading the unicorn story arc.

I was instantly hooked by the mix of satire and message. In combination with the awesome art, the story is unbeatable. It's currently my favorite comic on the web and a treat every time a new strip posts.

I love the way the creator toes the line between parody and reverence. Nothing is sacred, even though the character of Gyno-Star herself is a devout feminist with a staunch agenda.

Most of the skewering is at the expense of the American patriarchy, and rightly so. But occasionally, feminism gets lambasted as well.

If you like political humor, superhero satire, and social criticism, then I think you'll love Gyno-Star. In my opinion, the story has gotten better with each new arc. Check it out!
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