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Ship in a Bottle

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Genres:Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, Parody or Satire, Transformation
Description*:A fantasy magical-girl saga that takes place in contemporary times. It revolves around two central characters: the genie Shiphrah and her new master Alan Parker. Included in the tale are Alan’s friends and associates who each fulfill a set of classic anime tropes, however with twists. (usually) It’s an “ecchi” (Japanese word for ‘perverted’) romantic comedy with lots of nudity, bad language, adult themes, comedic/slapstick violence and sexual innuendo, but no hardcore sex. Basically, the kind of stuff you’d find in the 17+ area of the anime aisle at the video store or in your average R-Rated movie. So get ready for some serious cheese, folks.
* Descriptions are user submitted and might not express the views of the admins of this site, or of the comics creators themselves.
Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
N Nudity
X Explicit (NC-17)
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