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Intergalactic Truckstop

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Furry, Science Fiction
Description*:Set in the distant future, in a time where geneticists have discovered the secret to immortality as well as its costs. "Project AMBROSIA", as it was known, could render a volunteering patient immune to the effects of disease and aging, but at the cost of rendering them sterile. An AMBROSIA patient wasn't completely invincible, either, they could still be outright killed by accidents or violence. Geneticists sought to solve this issue by making a secondary project, Project VALHALLA. VALHALLA's goal was to create a being capable of invincibility, as well as immortality, who could prove to be an efficient supersoldier. Several teams were dedicated to taking on this approach in their own way, which led to the Batch system. Chaz and his brothers are collectively part of Batch 17, one of the many attempts at this project.
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