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Genres:Comedy, Furry, Romance
Description*:Seley is an artistic type who loves arts and crafts, and you'll also see her frequently make attempts to cook without burning things. She has a day job as a programmer and a night job as the straight man to Fox's antics.

Seley likes tequila drinks and good beer.
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09:16am 09/19/2018
Gives an better outlook on life
After doing some research, this comic's point is this: "Don't let petty things get to you, or you won't be able to love yourself and others". And it says so without saying it. Laugh-inducing, thought-provoking, simply brilliant piece of art and storytelling.
01:36pm 07/25/2014
The best slice-of-life comic so far....
This series is created by a real-life young couple and draws heavily on their own experiences. The strip is drawn by Mandy Seley, who represents herself in the strip as an attractive leopard named Seley Hall. Her partner, Fox, is drawn as a fox named Fox.

The artwork is simply stunning. The typical first dozen or so strips serve as Mandy's learning curve to develop her artistic style, but honestly even the first one is cleaner than the finished artwork of some strips that have been around for years. The episodes are truly funny. They are frequently drawn directly from real-life happenings, and tagged as such to let the reader know. Even the commentary provided by the creators is entertaining.

The July 14, 2013 strip and it's accompanying (long) commentary had me in (happy) tears. However, I strongly recommend going through the entire series to get to it.

If there are drawbacks to the strip... and they aren't serious enough to warrant fewer than five stars... they are that there is no strong narrative story (which is typical for the slice-of-life genre) and that alcohol use is heavily featured to the point that it may make some readers (By which I mean myself, as a recovering alcoholic) uncomfortable. These are minor quibbles based on personal preferences, and he strip is so outstanding in every respect that Curtailed is among my absolute favorites.
05:03am 10/26/2013
Refreshingly Real
Its slice of life comic about a guy and a girl...
But it doesn't do all the awkward stuff, or the other annoying tropes that seem to be required for such things.
They even make fun of the unconventional nature of the comic in at least one strip.

Curtailed will make you smile, and it is hard to put down.

Very cute, very uplifting.
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