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Boy With a Secret, the

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Genres:Anime, Drama, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Romance
Description*:About a troubled teenage boy who hides his identity from everyone out of fear. His family moved after a traumatic incident at their home town. Haruhi tries to adjust to life at Fujimoto High School (his new school); however, bullies threaten that chance at a new start. He is befriended by the beautiful and compassionate Minako, who comes to trust him. Will Haruhi learn to defend himself against a cruel world? Will he be able to protect his friends? Or will he be exposed to more ridicule when a mysterious stranger threatens his dark secret?

This story is will be ongoing and will run about 20 chapters or more. In this processes we will get to learn more about the characters and the obstacles they will face along the way.
* Descriptions are user submitted and might not express the views of the admins of this site, or of the comics creators themselves.
Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
Entry Added:Sun, Jun 10, 2012
Entry Modified:Sun, Nov 17, 2019
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