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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, Furry, Mystery or Noir, Science Fiction
Description*:Random Encounter: Merlin's first comic, and the earliest comic from the DHS continuum. It takes place at Dhark's Hero School which has just reopened after 500 years of closure.

Free Turn: a series of small side-comics set in the same world as Random Encounter and New Game Plus. Mostly lighthearted, and features some transformation elements.

New Game Plus: takes place 50 years after Random Encounter and is a slightly more serious tone. It follows a feathery dark power as he struggles to find his own path. It doesn't (yet? ever? who knows) take place at Dhark's Hero School, for a change.

New Game: Merlin's second comic, takes place in the DHS continuum 50 years after Random Encounter takes place. You don't really need to read one to get the other though. Over and abandoned, sorry, but there's a rewrite in New Game Plus

100 Bad Comics 2007: Near the end of 2007 Merlin resolved to make 100 bad comics. Some would argue they are better than her regular comics. In any case, they're bad, they're somewhat random, and in many cases they need subtitles. But they're online, so go nuts.
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L Adult Language
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