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Genres:Comedy, Drama, Parody or Satire
Description*:Full of self pity and demotivational occurrences, Angst is a comic that follows the life of it's author Christian A. Set primarily during his final years at highschool, but continues on past that into his early years at university (and possibly even further).

Not every comic presented here has a punch line. Heck! Very few of them have a punch line. The comic is more of a cathartic exercise for Christian A. to get his worries off his mind. You may find some ironic, poignant, or maybe, at the very least, relatable. If not, then you can always laugh at the bad, crudely drawn characters.

Angst can be described as the Catcher in the Rye of webcomics mixed with a bit of American Splendor... but not as good.
You probably won't like. Nobody will probably like it. But that's okay. Nobody ever seems to like things anymore.

You may have noticed that this description is longer than most that you'd find for other webcomics... Think of it what you will. Whether it be that other comics don't need such a long description because they're just THAT GOOD, and this one isn't... or maybe this comic is more for people who like to read a lot (you must be if you're willing to read through the walls of text in the comics)...
To remedy such a long, probably boring description, here's a quick line that will likely appeal to the masses, and send this comic into webcomic stardom!

"SEX! BEER! BOOBS! Politically Incorrect humour? We got that! We're great and you know it!"

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