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Frequency:Comic Book Teasers
Genres:Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery or Noir, Spiritual
Description*:Hadez starts as a project in 2005. In 2008 we had a small personal success as it got classified among the first 27 entries in the Morning International Comic Competition, organized by Kodansha; since then we decided to develop and renew the project to make something bigger from it, but we started actually working on it only in 2012.
Hadez will reveal where evil eyes, spells, negative energies and ghosts come from, how to get in touch (but expecially how to avoid them) and who’s the responsable for all these things.
The plot will follow three kids, Meredith, Ike and Kurt, who’ll find themselves involved in troubles and unordinary adventures thanks to Hadez, a spirit with an ancient and forgotten task.

In English and Italian.
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