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Habibah's Song

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Genres:Fantasy, Furry, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Romance, Science Fiction
Description*:Transgender issues, bullies, in a furry world.
A family of rabbit-like creatures must navigate through cultural issues in a futuristic world.

By J. Riley McCool.
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Flags:A Adult Situations
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11:31pm 07/26/2014
Bunny Romance in a Science Fiction World
The creator, J. Riley McCool, has developed a richly detailed world in which a family a rabbit-like pookas cope with issues as diverse as transgender romance and genetic ethics. The artwork is warm and welcoming, though it sometimes clashes with the hard science fiction elements.

Unfortunately, much of the detail of this fascinating world remains unexplored, and is revealed only in hints and brief glimpses. We know that there was conflict with other races in the past, and we later learn that this included humans. Only when we are deeply into the story do we learn that Pookas are a space-travelling species.

The title of the comic is a bit misleading, since it refers to the central plot of the first chapter and not to the overall story arc. In fact, after the first hundred strips Habibah herself has become a mostly secondary character. The central character is Montigo, who is conflicted over his attraction to Puck, a buck pooka who identifies as a doe. Other characters bring their own conflicts and backgrounds into the story.

Despite some imperfections, Habibah's Song is an engaging and entertaining series.
09:27am 01/11/2014
This is the cutest and sweetest comic ever, especially if you like bunnies!
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