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Tales of Avalon

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Genres:Fantasy, Furry
Description*:The Tales of Avalon is a joint, monthly web comic developed by three people; Betsy Cole, Karl Kratt, and TC. Betsy is the artist, Karl is the writer and co-creator, and TC is the creator.

The comic is set in a fictional world called Avalon, where animals evolved into bi-pedal organisms instead of humans. The series highlights several characters, cultures, and time periods, including (but not limited to); Ancient Egypt, Persia, Medieval Europe, and Minoa.
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10:46pm 07/31/2014
Classic storytelling with great art
The goal of the creators is to present "the Classic Disney and Don Bluth animated style" with a storytelling style reminiscent of the 1001 Nights. After only a few months and a couple dozen strips, it is evident that they are succeeding. The first story is telling the tale of an Egyptian prince (no relation to Moses) who falls in love with a slave girl. The artwork is clean and crisp, and the expressiveness of the characters truly does channel the best Don Bluth animation.

The creators claim that they have enough stories worked out already to last for five years worth of weekly strips. I'm looking forward to reading all of them.
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