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Misadventures of Buddy & Friend, the

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Description*:After Buddy gets himself into more trouble than he can handle, he ends up getting saved by a mysterious barbarian stranger... twice. Buddy pledges his service to the barbarian in exchange for saving his life.

Together, they travel the world in search of a way to stop a demon invasion that began in the Barbarian kingdom of Winterfrost. Along the way, they meet a very shady, morally bankrupt wizard named LokhTharr who decides to help them because he seems to have a fascination with demons and enchanted weapons.

As the trio travels around, their acts of blatant carelessness have a serious impact on the world around them, resulting in lots of unplanned death and destruction.
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Flags:L Adult Language
Entry Added:Wed, Jun 11, 2014
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