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Beatriz Overseer

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Furry, Historical, Romance
Description*:Follow Beatriz on her quest to save her Kingdom, while trying to keep her head over her shoulders and not giving her poor assistant a heart attack!(in which she fails horribly)


Here I present you my webcomic,Beatriz Overseer.

Magic,adventure,perils and everything in-between!

My hope is to keep an update schedule posting Mondays and Fridays,if Fortuna is on our side.I’m not a native English speaker,so some stuff may end up bad translated,I’ll glad to correct anything you may found in the need of being fixed.You can also access to Disqus and make comments on each page through the “Archives” page.Rules for comments are the same that you may found anywhere else:Keep it fun,do your best to not mistreat other visitors.This is not strictly a PG-13 comic,so keep it polite and well mannered.

I’ll add an “about” page later this week,and a “characters” page that will grow as important chars get introduced.

Well!Enough with the chit-chat!Let’s start the ride!

Have fun and I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed making it!"
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V Graphic Violence
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